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Cruisin With the Cops 2017

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Don’t forget, you have until Wed. the 14th to get your entries in to win a FREE Senior shoot!!

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Miss M is 5!

I can’t believe I have been taking pictures of her since her first birthday. She’s really grown up so much, she even poses for me now.

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Bratwurst Festival Opening Ceremonies

The 2014 Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival is underway!

Please visit their site, Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival, for a list of events.

IMG_6599 copy IMG_6604 copy IMG_6614 copy IMG_6615 copy IMG_6622 copy IMG_6625 copy IMG_6632 copy IMG_6636 copy IMG_6644 copy IMG_6653 copy

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Music at the Mural – Hobo Band

If you ever go through Bucyrus on a Thursday evening in the Summer,  I’m sure you’ve heard some of the local music that’s been featured during the Music at the Mural series.

Due to the festival this week, there is no show but the final show of the season will be on Aug. 21, with United in Harmony.

Last Thursday evening was gorgeous, and the Hobo Band put on a great show. They will be performing this Saturday, during the festival, at the Knights of Columbus beer garden from 7  to 10  or so, go see them, you won’t be disappointed.

IMG_1125 copy IMG_1149 copy IMG_1170 copy IMG_1175 copy IMG_1180 copy IMG_1185-2

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Local Photography

Photography is rapidly becoming a booming hobby/business for many people, and sadly, it looks like competition goes hand in hand with it.  Since everyone has different tastes and needs, I’d like to believe there is room for everyone. Some, obviously don’t feel the same and feel the need to belittle and bash on a public level, while the jabs were not aimed at me specifically, I feel the need to stand up, not only for myself, but for my fellow photographers.

I did not get into photography to make money, it never has been or ever will be the driving force behind what I do. I chose photography for one simple reason, I love it!

I did not buy a camera one day and start charging people the next, I have put in countless hours of reading, watching tutorials, taking classes and most importantly, taking and editing photos. I am always learning and striving to be better.  Do all of my pictures turn out great? Of course not, and if any photographer ever says they never take a dud, they are lying. The point is, when I take a dud, I try to figure out exactly what I did wrong and how I can change it. I don’t keep making the same mistakes, putting them up and telling others how great they are. Which is why I have entered numerous competitions and put my work out there to be judged, you never know how good you truly are until you have been judged by professionals who are honest about your work.

When I said I believe there is room for everyone, I honestly mean that, we all have our strengths. I have told potential clients the names of other photographers. In this area, if you want sports photos, go to Klontz Photography. For newborns, see Erica Finnan, her work is gorgeous!  Ark Photodesign, does lovely wedding work. There are other great photographers in this area, we all have Facebook pages and/or websites, go and take a look at their work. If you like what you see, leave them some love.

I’m kind of a jack of all trades, I shoot everything, with the exception of newborns, while I have in the past, I just find them to be too stressful for me. There are plenty of other photographers who can do a far better job at newborns than I can.

If I had to pick a specialty it would be Seniors, I love senior shoots!!!

I do shoot weddings, but I keep it limited to small weddings.

If you hire me for a shoot, you get me, not a student, or someone shadowing me to learn about photography. From the shoot to the end product, it’s me. Which is why I do not take on more than 3 clients a week. I pick and edit each shot myself  and pride myself on my turnaround time.

If you’re in need of a photographer, please look around at all the local photographers, don’t just take cost into consideration,  look at the work, is it clear? Can you see the subjects faces? Is it something you would want to see on your wall in 10 or 20 years from now?

Do you want someone who just takes on shoot after shoot because they are only in it for the money? Or do you want someone who truly loves what they do and wants to make you look your very best?

There are lots of choices and room for everyone!

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Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a blessed Easter!

EasterMaddie EasterPenn EasterMack EasterJax EasterChloe

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Maddie is 5

It can’t be possible that this sweet little girl is 5 already.

Happy Birthday!




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Lots of Seniors!

I know…I am terrible about blogging :( I’m going to make up for it in one post though, because I’ve had a few of my favorite shoots lately…SENIORS!!!! I love shooting seniors, if I had to pick only one type of photography, it would be seniors.

IMG_7708FB IMG_7747FB IMG_8420FB2 IMG_8403-2FB IMG_8381FBIMG_8446F BWFB IMG_8505FB IMG_8503FB IMG_8551FTexFB

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I know, I’ve been terrible about posting lately. I just don’t get out as much to shoot in the winter. I did get out this past weekend, but the shots I’m sharing today are ones I took around my house on Sunday.

I used textures from Joel Olives texture club, which is a really good deal and if you’re a photographer, or artist, you should really check it out.

I’m also adding this to Kent Weakley’s Sweet Shot Tuesday, if you like to take pics, join on in, and if you just like to enjoy great photography, check out all the other blogs that play along.

IMG_7433Tex6 IMG_7434Tex4 IMG_7443Tex13

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

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Birthday Gift Photos

I’ve never taken pics for a birthday gift before, but what a great idea, and that’s just what I got to do a couple of weeks ago.

This lovely lady was my granddaughters preschool teacher last year and she wanted photos of her daughters for her husbands birthday.

I had a wonderful time with these ladies, and the girls could not have been sweeter.



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