Catherine ~ Benjamin Logan Class of 2015

I met up with the beautiful Catherine and her mother on Sunday, our session was supposed to be on Saturday but it was pouring, Sunday turned out to be a much better day.

When her mother contacted me they had already picked the Park of Roses for her session, I had never been there before but what a gorgeous place! I couldn’t think of a better setting to shoot such a beautiful and talented girl.

* I still have some openings for seniors, if you like my work and are interested please use the contact form on my site or msg me on Facebook*


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Lilli & Family

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Miss Lilli and her family. It was a gorgeous evening and Lilli just gets cuter each time I see her.

IMG_6253 copyIMG_6208 copy IMG_6211 copy IMG_6219 copy IMG_6263-2 copy

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Spiders & Webs

Spiders have become my favorite thing to shoot lately, mostly because there are so many of them around, and I’ve always loved to shoot their webs when they are all sparkly with dew. I know many are creeped out by them, but as long as they don’t make a move near me as I’m shooting then it’s all good.

IMG_6019 copyIMG_6013 copyIMG_6011 copy IMG_6025 copy

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

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Flowers from my Yard

I got out this morning to shoot these, just before all the rain came in.

Some have textures from Joel Olives, please check out his work.  I also used some film presets from Bellevue Avenue on some.

IMG_5916Tex7 IMG_5920BWFilmy IMG_5929PP_SG3 IMG_5934Tex24

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

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Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum

Last week we took our grandson to the Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum in Bellevue, Ohio. The boy loves trains, and when I say love, please know that that’s an understatement. Even though he loves trains, he isn’t really old enough to appreciate the exhibits, there  is a lot to look at and take in, so I think we’ll have to take him back when he’s a little older for him to really enjoy it fully.  He did fully enjoy the interactive exhibits and wanted to keep going back to those, and visit the man who turned on the model train for him…so sorry we interrupted your lunch :(

We had a great time, and it makes for a nice little daytrip.

IMG_5854 copyIMG_5795 copy IMG_5801 copy IMG_5807 copy IMG_5811 copy IMG_5821 copy IMG_5830 copy IMG_5861 copy IMG_5862 copy IMG_5863 copy

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Vow Renewal Ceremony

On Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot a first for me, a vow renewal ceremony. We thought we had everything planned out, but…let’s just say it started out with keys getting locked into the car…and ended with possibly my finest moment as a photographer…getting dropped off to shoot the wrong wedding party. Thankfully, I realized it was the wrong party before I actually made my way too close to them.

Comedy of errors aside, it turned out to be a lovely day and beautiful ceremony. Thanks to the whole wedding party for playing along with some of our ideas. Huge thanks to Mike and Miranda for allowing my daughter and I to document your day.  May your life together, continue to be filled with love and happiness.

IMG_0179-2FB IMG_0186FB IMG_0193FB IMG_0396FB IMG_0465FB IMG_0503FB

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In just a few short weeks, my granddaughter will be 5. I can’t believe 5 is here already, it seems so far away when you’re holding that little chunk of newborn sweetness, that is nothing but cheeks,  but now 5 is here and she will be starting kindergarten soon, and if she was sitting here with me right now she would have had a huge chuckle over the fact that I accidentally typed kinderfarten. I hope she’s still asleep though because she actually has her screening for K today.  After my last typo, I thought it safer to just go with K.

We went out on Saturday evening to attempt her portraits for the big 5, she is actually doing better about letting me take her pictures, but I have a feeling she will always be my most difficult subject…and that’s okay with me ;)

IMG_9891-3BlogIMG_9872-2Blog IMG_9884-4Blog IMG_9910Blog IMG_9942-2Blog

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Rachel ~ Benjamin Logan Senior

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Rachel and her mom on Saturday, to shoot her senior pics.  We decided to do these in Tiffin, I’ve never shot there before,  but I knew there were several places we could use. We started at the historic Ritz Theatre, who were gracious enough to let us have access for awhile, and ended at Tiffin University, where Rachel will attend this Fall.

6FB 10FB 17FB 22FB 31FB 35FB 40FB 42BWFB

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Congrats 2014 Grads!

I’d like to use this post to congratulate the amazing seniors that I’ve had the opportunity to photograph this year! I was lucky enough to have seniors from, Mohawk, Bucyrus,  Bridges and Findlay.

Thank you for allowing me to document such an exciting time in your lives!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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Birding at Magee Marsh

Last week was considered to be the biggest birding week in Ohio, and if you want to see as many different types of birds as you can, then you need to go to Magee Marsh! This was our first year going during the biggest week so we had no idea what to expect, we left early thinking we would avoid a crowd….we were wrong. I could not believe how many people were already there at 7 in the morning. People come from all over for this, there had to be license plates from at least 20 different states and we saw 2 from Canada as well. While we were there everyone was very courteous and helpful, it was a great experience and I can’t wait to go back.

I guess I should tell people what birds these are.

1. Northern Parula (female)

2. Black & White Warbler

3.  Black Throated Green Warbler

4. Eastern Kingbird

5. American Redstart (female)

6. Magnolia Warbler (male)

NorthernParula1 copyB&W_Warbler copy BlackThroatedGreen3 copy EasternKingbird copy femAmericanRedstart copy MagnoliaWarbler2 copy

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