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Congrats 2016 Graduates!

Congratulations to the wonderful, 2016 graduates, that I had the pleasure to work with this year.

Class of 2016

McKena is 4

I’ve been photographing this little sweetie since she turned 1, now she’s 4 and she’s become quite the model.

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Biggest Week in American Birding pt. 2

More pictures from our week at Magee Marsh.

BTBProthonotary WVScreech WilsonsFB1

Biggest Week in American Birding 2016 pt. 1

Last week was the Biggest Week in American Birding, which meant I was out, trying to get decent shots of those oh so beautiful, but speedy warblers. Around this time each year, the warblers, and other birds, make a stopover at Magee Marsh to refuel and get some much needed rest, before they fly across the lake, to their summer homes.  These birds are a challenge to get good pictures of because they are very small, very fast, and they don’t stop moving, but…they are gorgeous, which is why, thousands of people show up on the Magee Marsh boardwalk, to get a glimpse of these amazing little creatures. We saw license plates from as far away as Alaska and almost every state as well, not to mention the people who come from other countries.  If you like birds, you should go, at least once, unless you hate crowds….then this isn’t the place for you.

I had a great week, met some super nice and helpful people, and got lots of pics, so I’m gonna make this a 2 parter.

IMG_4856BayBreasted BTG BW_Warbler EasternWoodPewee ScreechCS

Qyenton – Wynford 2016

After a few delays, neither the rain or fog were gonna stop us from getting this session in. We had to dodge a bit of rain at the start, but it stopped and we had a great shoot with this Wynford senior.

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