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Bronson ~ 5 days old

I have said it a gazillion times…I am not a baby photographer. I love babies, I love photography, but mixing the two never seems to work out very well for me.  Of course, I do make exceptions, especially since it’s my newest grandson, and he’s just too cute not to have little nakey baby butt pics of…even though he not only peed on me…but he poo’d on me too. He’s a multitasker already because he managed to do both at the same time, a proud Nana I am ;)

I couldn’t get all the shots I wanted because they left the clamp on his little belly (when did they start doing that?) so we will be giving this another go very soon.

These didn’t turn out exactly the way I had envisioned, but I am pretty happy with the detail shots, detail shots always end up being my faves.

IMG_5458 copy IMG_5467 copy IMG_5473 copy IMG_5474 copy IMG_5479 copy IMG_8281 copy

Kaden ~ 9 Months

This adorable little guy came to see me on Thursday for his 9 month pictures. He’s just the sweetest thing, and he has the most gorgeous eyes.  Here are a few of my favorites…the kid seriously can’t take a bad pic!

fb2 fb3 fb5fb1 fb4

Bronson’s Birth

Last Monday my 4th grandchild made his entrance into the world, it was a long labor, I think he started having 2nd thoughts, but at 9:26 pm he finally made his grand entrance.

FB1 FB3 FB4 FB6 FB7 FB11

Winter Visitors

I love to photograph the array of visitors that come to my feeder in the Winter. I’ve had far more Blue Jays this year than in the past, and lots of Dark Eyed Juncos this week, which means Winter will be here for awhile, even though they are cute little birds, I am never sad when they go.

IMG_4946 copy IMG_4987 copy IMG_4994 copyIMG_4957 copy IMG_4960 copy

Frosty Tranquility

I am a person who finds great peace in nature, no matter where I can find it, even in my own backyard. I love the quiet serenity that the mornings bring, so it should be of no surprise that mornings are my favorite time to shoot. Winter is a challenge to any photographer, but that’s part of the fun…finding beauty in the drab grayness of Winter.

The textures used on some of these photographs are the work of the talented Joel Olives!

IMG_4896 copy IMG_4898 copy IMG_4920 copyIMG_4888 copy IMG_4889 copy IMG_4923tex15 IMG_4925tex1