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Vow Renewal Ceremony

On Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot a first for me, a vow renewal ceremony. We thought we had everything planned out, but…let’s just say it started out with keys getting locked into the car…and ended with possibly my finest moment as a photographer…getting dropped off to shoot the wrong wedding party. Thankfully, I realized it was the wrong party before I actually made my way too close to them.

Comedy of errors aside, it turned out to be a lovely day and beautiful ceremony. Thanks to the whole wedding party for playing along with some of our ideas. Huge thanks to Mike and Miranda for allowing my daughter and I to document your day.  May your life together, continue to be filled with love and happiness.

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In just a few short weeks, my granddaughter will be 5. I can’t believe 5 is here already, it seems so far away when you’re holding that little chunk of newborn sweetness, that is nothing but cheeks,  but now 5 is here and she will be starting kindergarten soon, and if she was sitting here with me right now she would have had a huge chuckle over the fact that I accidentally typed kinderfarten. I hope she’s still asleep though because she actually has her screening for K today.  After my last typo, I thought it safer to just go with K.

We went out on Saturday evening to attempt her portraits for the big 5, she is actually doing better about letting me take her pictures, but I have a feeling she will always be my most difficult subject…and that’s okay with me ;)

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