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Rachel ~ Benjamin Logan Senior

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Rachel and her mom on Saturday, to shoot her senior pics.  We decided to do these in Tiffin, I’ve never shot there before,  but I knew there were several places we could use. We started at the historic Ritz Theatre, who were gracious enough to let us have access for awhile, and ended at Tiffin University, where Rachel will attend this Fall.

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Congrats 2014 Grads!

I’d like to use this post to congratulate the amazing seniors that I’ve had the opportunity to photograph this year! I was lucky enough to have seniors from, Mohawk, Bucyrus,  Bridges and Findlay.

Thank you for allowing me to document such an exciting time in your lives!

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Birding at Magee Marsh

Last week was considered to be the biggest birding week in Ohio, and if you want to see as many different types of birds as you can, then you need to go to Magee Marsh! This was our first year going during the biggest week so we had no idea what to expect, we left early thinking we would avoid a crowd….we were wrong. I could not believe how many people were already there at 7 in the morning. People come from all over for this, there had to be license plates from at least 20 different states and we saw 2 from Canada as well. While we were there everyone was very courteous and helpful, it was a great experience and I can’t wait to go back.

I guess I should tell people what birds these are.

1. Northern Parula (female)

2. Black & White Warbler

3.  Black Throated Green Warbler

4. Eastern Kingbird

5. American Redstart (female)

6. Magnolia Warbler (male)

NorthernParula1 copyB&W_Warbler copy BlackThroatedGreen3 copy EasternKingbird copy femAmericanRedstart copy MagnoliaWarbler2 copy

Kingwood Center

We went to Kingwood Center in Mansfield last week,  it’s so lovely there this time of year. The tulips just opening and loads of daffodils all over, not to mention all the beautiful flowering trees. It’s such a gorgeous place, if you haven’t been there, you should go visit some day, if only to feed this guy…

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